Walls Of Skin is an exhibition shown by Constance ARI as part of Dark Mofo 2023. Exhibitors included are Rat Bedlington, Pat Brassington, Marguerite Carson, Kate Marshall and Reece Aaron Nicolaou. Photography by Cassie Sullivan.

Installation view of Demoni-logue, single channel captioned video

Installation view

A Mortal Being, Accosted By A Singluarity, oil on canvas

A Mortal Being, Accosted By A 5-Dimensional Singluarity, oil on canvas

Detail of A Space Demon Hovers At The Precipice Of A Warped Event Horizon, oil on canvas with velvet and trim

A Space Demon Shrouds Itself In Photonic Energy, oil on canvas with velvet 

More information on this exhibition: https://constanceari.org/Dark-Mofo-Walls-of-Skin#:~:text=Walls%20of%20skin%20will%20include,body%2C%20technology%2C%20and%20myth.