An ongoing series of paintings that explore the nature of identity and being through an incorporation of astronomical and cosmological source material.

For One There Is Another
This painting is about symmetry. The theory of supersymmetry posits that for each particle there is another, a superpartner, differentiated only by their spin. I imagine two beings who are identical counterparts, who are denied their oneness only by their trajectory through the universe. I imagine that this world has utter dependence on its imbalance, thinking of matter and its antimatter counterpart, who annihilate each other in their union. It is melancholic but necessary that these beings remain apart, though they long for oneness and the violent destructive power that it would bring. They come together for a moment, maybe halted by the fiery potential, maybe impassioned by it.
Oil and fringing on canvas with polyester stuffing, 2021
Photography by Zan Wimberley

Two terrestrial planets orbiting a mature star collide some 300 light years away. If any life was present on either planet, the massive collision would have wiped out everything in a matter of minutes. A massive disk of infrared-emitting dust circling the star provides silent testimony to this sad fate.

Oil and fringing on canvas and board, 2020
Photography by Zan Wimberley

OIl, synthetic hair and fringing on canvas, 2020

He lives at your perihelion, throwing out the innermost sparks of his passion, which are illuminated by you, like the fragments of ice and gas from a wandering interstellar body are set alight when it encounters a star.